The role of a Facility Manager is a complicated one requiring a complex set of competences, a broad range of technical knowledge encompassing many other disciplines, and a diverse bundle of personal talents to address every eventuality. Making a success of a career in facilities management depends on an individual’s ability to develop a skills portfolio to manage this complexity.

The National Occupation Standard Suite for Facilities Management maps these requirements and was produced by Asset Skills with input from across the FM profession and supporting facilities service industry. National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of the standards of performance individuals must achieve when carrying out functions in the workplace, together with specifications of the underpinning knowledge and understanding.

These Standards are used to inform the content of professional qualifications and by organisations and individuals seeking to raise their skill levels and benchmark best practice. In a new series of articles written for Facilities Management magazine I will explore each of the 26 standards within the FM suite as published on the UK Commission for Employment and Skills website, from the viewpoint of an experienced professional. The mindmaps below were developed to illustrate those articles.

ASTFM301 Establish and Monitor the Facilities Required by Clients 

ASTFM302 Develop Productive Working Relationships with Colleagues and Stakeholders

ASTFM303 Support Equality, Diversity and Individual Rights in the Workplace

ASTFM304 Monitor and solve customer service problems

ASTFM305 Maintain the quality of service delivery

ASTFM306 Contribute to the Management of Incidents and Emergencies

ASTFM307 Determine the effectiveness of security measures