1. Record your own voice message. With a network message I’m never sure if I’ve got the right number.
  2. Try to sound cheerful and welcoming unless you really want people to think you’re the Grinch
  3. Never leave me a message that just says “call me back”. That’s just like sending a letter saying “please write to me!” Use voice mail to progress the conversation
  4. Please tell me who you are. I get lots of messages and at my age, recognising everyone by voice alone is pretty tough.
  5. Leave your surname too. It may surprise you to hear that I know more than one person called Tom, Dick or Mary.
  6. Be careful of what you say. Voice mail is digital and just like emails and texts it can be printed, forwarded or published on the internet.
  7. Leave me your number even if I know you quite well. Unless you are likely to be in my top ten speed dial buddies I will have to look up your number.
  8. When you leave your number say it  slowly  so that I can write it down. Use the time it would have taken to say it twice, to say it once slowly and clearly.
  9. Say “my number is…” pause (That’s my cue to pick up my pen) Then the number.
  10. Don’t leave too long a message or my patience and your time will run out before you reach the end of your…………………