1. Use the subject line to inform the reader of the nature of the message without having to open it. That saves me time and helps to avoid me reading things more than once
  2. Keep it short. Email is supposed to be a quick form of communication. If I have to scroll the screen to read it you should have written a letter or put it in an attachment
  3. Include helpful contact info so I can call you back or at least identify you but please don’t give me logos, pictures and fifty different addresses and phone numbers.
  4. Keep on top of the pile. Dedicate time each day to answering emails and have a purge once a week.
  5. Only abbreviate or use text speak with friends. If it’s a business communication then use business language. You’ve no idea who it is likely to get forwarded to or read by.
  6. Avoid SHOUTING along with fancy coloured fonts, coloured backgrounds and other un-businesslike fripperies
  7. Beware of “Reply All” and never put in print something that you wouldn’t want others to read.
  8. Cut the tail of old messages in a long correspondence unless an audit trail is required.
  9. Use rules, folders & archives to organise and prioritise your stuff rather than having it all in one huge folder that takes forever to synchronise
  10. Remember how to talk! Don’t email the guy sitting next to you. Pick up the phone or walk down the corridor. Social interaction is so much better face to face