Faced with regulatory and commercial pressures the airport authority carried out a Feasibility Study exploring the strategic options available for its property and facilities management operations. The FM Guru Consultancy was invited to support this project as an industry expert and to facilitate the strategic analysis and solution development exercises.


A series of meetings with key players and desktop analysis of background documents preceded a number of strategy workshops and the development of a review project plan. The principle challenge identified was a lack of consistent data across sites which prevented quantitative analysis of operating models. A template was produced and support provided to individuals across the business to resolve this issue.

A number of operating models were identified as potential future organisation solutions including a variety of outsourcing options with varying degrees of property and FM integration. These were tested in an Optioneering workshop with key stakeholders and an “ideal” solution identified which would reduce costs, increase flexibility and assure compliance while simplifying processes. A test specification was developed for one airport to validate the approach.


The output from the exercise enabled the Head of Property to participate effectively in high level strategic deliberations within the business in a fully informed manner and to properly advise the Board on facilities performance and compliance issues.  Enforced regulatory change prevented full implementation of the solution but the exercise enabled a wide range of change as the project evolved.