As part of G4S Group plc specialises in providing integrated facilities management and front line services in critical environments for national and local government agencies and the private sector. With over 4000 employees collaboration is an important factor in their success. In 2010 it was decided that the annual management conference would focus on collaborative working as a theme and The FM Guru Consultancy was asked to assist.


With 150 management delegates attending from around the country, planning for the event was crucial. Our consultants worked with the client to complete a fully timed programme with appropriate guest speakers, entertainment and group exercises. As well as managing the programme and chairing the conference FM Guru provided a key note speech on collaboration and teamwork and ran three exercises:

The Wheel – is a board game for up to six players per board who throw dice to win Pirate Gold  but have to decide if competition or collaboration is the better strategy

The Magic Cane – is a lively exercise for groups of 12 who attempt to lower a cane to the floor without breaking the rules. Teamwork, communication and leadership are required to succeed

Cocktail Hour – is a fun game of metaphors where teams compete to design a cocktail that best describes the organisations culture and key features


Feedback on the event was first class with client and delegates describing it as their best conference ever.