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CASE STUDY: Diagnostic, Strategy and Project Management

Astra Zeneca UK Business Services logoAstra Zeneca – UK Business Services

Following organisational change at AstraZeneca the FM Guru Consultancy was asked to carry out a Diagnostic exercise exploring the capability and strategic options for the management of its UK facilities. 


A series of interviews with key stakeholders and desk top analysis of key documents revealed a number of common themes, issues and opportunities. This led to a series of strategy workshops to develop a Vision, Mission and Value set for the new team. A three year transformation programme was developed to deliver significant change without risk to the organisation’s critical operations. Through mentoring of the leadership team and the provision of specialist project managers, the FM Guru Consultancy supported the programme through to implementation.

Transformation programme management diagram


The new Vision and subsequent Transformation programme enabled the client to deliver significant change resulting in reduced cost, increased process efficiency and improved customer and staff satisfaction.